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Flying Underwater Snorkel

Freediving in Cancun

Snorkel, Flying Underwater, Fishing Combo!


Some Reviews

Best Experience Ever!

BELIEVE me, you don’t want to miss this amazing experience. You will feel like a superhero or a mermaid.
I’m looking forward for my next round ! It’s so freaking cool. I promise I will fly again with you as soon as I comeback. If you are an underwater explorer like me, you definitely NEED to try this. It is one of those things you will never regret nor forget All my love, Till we meet again!    -Nancy Forcelledo-

Great Introduction to this Unique Sport

My teenage son and I signed up for this adventure, not knowing a thing about spearfishing. Nacho picked us up at our apartment, so we couldn't possibly get lost getting to the harbor. Once on the fishing boat, the captain drove us almost an hour to the site selected for the weather on that day. On the way, Nacho patiently taught us the safety measures, how to handle the speargun and what fish to look for. Some fish are protecting the coral and should not be caught, whereas other fish (snappers, barracuda, groupers, triggerfish) are both tasty and fair game. We went on 3 separate dives over the same stretch of coral, getting better and better at holding our breath, diving, and aiming at the fish. We must have shot at 10-12 fish, but my son caught our family's only fish, a white snapper, I "got very close" to spearing several, and Nacho caught two, including a very large red snapper that was hiding under a rock. The more times we tried, the better we got. Once we were back onshore, Nacho prepared the large red snapper as ceviche, which we ate as soon as it was ready, and he prepared filets out of the other two fish for cooking that night.
We highly recommend trying out spearfishing with Nacho. He is a patient and safety-focused, fluent English-speaking master of the sport, which is more like "fish hunting" than fishing.  RiBrown74 -

Excellent Experience!

My husband and I and our friends had a great time on the boat ! Nacho and the captain were very nice and helpful through our the whole trip . There was plenty to drink and so much to do . The snorkeling was fun and we saw fish and statues. We did fly underwater and that was the best part ! We went to Isla Mujeres and swam and snorkeled some more . We also saw the turtle sanctuary. It was a very safe boat ride and experience! Definitely want to try the swimming with whale sharks package next time ! I recommend this company to anyone visiting Cancun Mexico! - Melissa - 

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